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The Cultural Association for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage “Dancing Chians” invites dancing groups of traditional dances from all over Greece to apply for participation to the 4rd Festival of Traditional Dances on the Island of Mastic.

The duration of the Festival is for two days, the 29th and 30th of August 2018, however the excursions, guided tours and refreshing swimming in the crystal clear sea water of Chios will go on till the 9th of September included, thus catering for all  preferences,  such as  the admirers of the history and local traditions, the athletic fans, as well as the nature  and  good wine lovers.

Apart from the performances, the program includes guided tours, seminars about the local dances, swimming and relaxation breaks on the exquisite beaches as well as full-day and full-night celebrations. The accommodation will be at the seaside areas of “Vrontados” and “Karfas”, in decent and clean residences, breakfast inclusive.

We invite you to get a closer look at the island of contradictions, the wild beauty of Northern Chios and the cosmopolitan southern areas, the island of the “tear-shedding” bush of Mastic, a unique product all over the world, the island with the exquisite old settlements that will stay in your memories for ever. We invite you in order to show you round the beauty of our island and bring you closer to the unique tradition and culture of the Island of Mastic.

Participation cost:

Departure from Peireus

  • 2 nights of accommodation (29.08 & 30.08) 150 euros

  • 3 nights of accommodation (29.08 until  31.08) 175 euros

  • 5  nights of accommodation (29.08 until  02.09) 240 euros

Departure from Kavala

  • 6 nights of accommodation (29.08 until 04.09) 245  euros

The above participation cost includes the ship tickets, the hotel stays, the breakfast, the orchestra fee, the coach for the guided tours and the seminars. Included also are the one-day trips to Southern and Northern Chios.

For any dancing group that wishes to come from a different port, the price will be adjusted according to the departure port and the pricing policy of the shipping companies. In case they wish to come by aeroplane or another means of transport, the price will also be adjusted accordingly(excluding the cost for the ship tickets).

For more information, the terms and conditions of participation and for application forms, please visit, or phone +30 6976187007

Acceptance will depend on priority, due to the limited availability of hotel rooms.


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