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05:15 Arrival of the dancing groups from Athens to the port of Chios

07:30 Arrival of the dancing groups from Kavala to the port of Chios, after which they will be transferred to the Association premises to be served their breakfast

08:30 Excursion to the north of the island-Visit to Nea Moni monastery and then to Anavatos

12:30 Transfer of the groups to their hotel in order to rest, have lunch and enjoy their swimming in the crystal-clear sea water of  Vrontados and Karfas areas

19:15 Departure of the dancing groups from the hotels to the harbor of Chios

19:30 Beginning of the parade of all the dancing groups from the harbor to the central square of Vounaki, Chios

21:00 Beginning of the Festival-Presentation of the dancing programs by each of the hosted groups

09:00 Departure from the hotel to visit our first destination, the “Citrus” Museum of citrus fruit

10:00 EXCURSION TO THE “MASTIC VILLAGES” in Southern Chios, where we will see:

  1. 1.Kallimasia: Visit to the local folklore museum

  2. Emborios: Visit to the local Mastic Museum

  3. Pyrgi “the painted village”, a particuliarity in its architecture through unique architectural creations

  4. Mesta: a medieval village of exquisite beauty. A religious visit to the church of Taxiarchis-a walk along the medieval narrow lanes of the village, free time to wander around

  5. Armolia: a village famous for its pottery. Short stay to admire the locally hand -made pottery/works of art, purchase of souvenirs and small gifts


12:30 Departure from Mesta heading for the seaside settlement of Komi. Free time for lunch, swimming or a drink in one of the local bars and restaurants

16:00 Departure from Komi to return to the hotel to rest and enjoy the rest of the free day

18:00 Seminar on: History, Folklore and Traditional Dances of Chios by Mrs. Anna Mimidi

20:30 Departure from the hotel to head to the Open Air Theatre “Mikis Theodorakis” at Kastromina area

21:00 The Festival starts- dance performance

23:00 Folklore celebration/party  in the hotel area to the music of the festival orchestra

9:00 Departure from the hotel heading for Northern Chios

9:30 A bicycle tour to the Kambos Mansions (guided tour on a bicycle)

10:30 Visit to the Adamantios Korais Library-the Museum of old traditional local costumes by Filippos Argentis. Wandering around the Library will offer you the chance to see rare editions of folklore writers as well as the folklore Argentis Museum with unique exhibits of local traditional costumes. Next to the Library building is the worth-visiting Cathedral of Chios, the church of St.Victori

11:30 A visit to:

  1.  Kefalas Winery, a unique distillery of the local grapes in the Northeastern Aegean, processing the local produce varieties that can satisfy even the most hard-to-please palates. Free samples to taste will be offered there

  2. Volissos , the birthplace of St.Markella. Free time to wander around. You can visit the Volissos Castle or walk along the narrow lanes of the village. A meeting with the local Cultural Association of Volissos “Omiros”

  3. Seaside settlement of Volissos Here you can visit the church of St.Markella or walk to the place of her martyrdom. There will be free time for lunch and a swim in the blue, clear sea water


16:00 Departure from Volissos to return to the hotel. The rest of the day is free for you to rest

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