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Article 1

The “dancing Festival on the Mastic island” which is organized by the Association for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage “Dancing Chians”, will be held in Chios on the 6th and 7th of September 2017. Its aim is to invite the participation of Dancing Groups from all over the country and abroad, so as to promote their traditional/folklore dances.

Article 2

Every Association or Corporation based in Greece or abroad which operates a Dancing Group of traditional/folklore dances is entitled to participate.

Article 3

Every Association or Corporation that wishes to participate in the Festival of Traditional Dances should, firstly, have been aware of the following Terms and Conditions, and then send an application form for their participation through an e-mail to the Festival site. While filling in the Terms and Conditions, questions No 6 and 7 can be answered indicatively at first, and then, by 1st August 2017 at the latest, the exact number of the participating group members should be stated, a number that cannot be changed later, since tickets will be issued for this exact number of people.

Article 4

The cost for the participation is one hundred and fifty (150) euro per person, covering the departure from Piraeus port and two nights’ stay, one hundred and seventy (170) euro per person covering the departure from Kavala port and three nights’ stay, and one hundred and seventy-five(175) euro per person for the departure from Piraeus port and three nights’ stay. This price includes the tickets by ship(Piraeus-Chios-Piraeus or Kavala-Chios-Kavala) and the hotel stay for two or three nights in Chios. It also includes the trips by coach on the island as well as the fees of the Festival orchestra, which can accompany the majority of the dancing groups. The hotel stay will be in double or triple-bedded rooms(depending on the availability). For every dancing group interested in coming from a different departure port, the price will be adjusted according to the cost policy of the travel companies.

Also, due to the high tourist season during which the Festival will be held, it cannot be guaranteed that the dancing groups of the Associations or Corporations will be able to stay together in the same hotel, although this will be of prime importance in the efforts made by the organizing committee.

The participating dancing groups need NOT cover any other costs during their stay on the island except their meals. The cost for their stay, breakfast, ship tickets, coach excursions and the Festival orchestra fee is included in the participating cost.

Article 5

Every dancing group wishing to participate in the Festival should fill in the relative application form. Then, within four days, it will be sent an electronic message through which it will be asked to deposit a down-payment in order to confirm its participation in the Festival.

In case another group from the same geographical area has already proceeded to the necessary participating procedures (application form, deposit of the down-payment) and has thus secured its participation in the Festival, then the second group will not be accepted due to priority conditions.

The unique criterion for the selection procedure is the priority of the interest shown through the submitting of the application form and the deposit of the relative down-payment of the 30% of the total cost, through which the participation is secured.

Article 6

Every Association or Corporation will have to prepare a 15 minute dancing program. This time will include any commentary regarding the dances and/or the exhibition of the local costume of the area which they represent. The program and the priority for the presentation of the dancing groups will be handed out to the participants fifteen(15) days prior to the date on which the Festival of Traditional/Folklore Dances will be held.

Article 7

The Cultural Association bears the responsibility of transferring the members of each Association or Corporation on their arrival at the harbor of Chios to their residence destination, the area where the Festival will be held and again to the harbor of Chios on the day of their departure. It also covers the cost for the excursions on the program within the island. These excursions, however, are optional.

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